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Clients need a self-performing team of builders and we are there to self perform critical construction such as steel erection, concrete work, and carpentry, guaranteeing strong performance levels, high quality, and safely projects completed on time from our own highly skilled workforce. Our team’s experience working together on job sites means improved workflow. Jobs are done faster, safer, and far more efficiently

The experience and knowledge of field production and materials allow us to create accurate budgets that keep the vision of our clients within the range of cost estimated.

We competitively bid our self-perform work against experienced subcontractors to ensure that our clients receive the best value.


General Contractor

The most important part of general contracting is the relationship between management and the open line of communication with our clients. Keeping everyone on the same page is the key to handing over a successful project that is on time and on budget to our clients.

We efficiently manage every step of the construction project. We provide cost estimates and schedules, acquire all necessary permits, self-perform or hire subcontractors if needed.

Our experience allows us to understand and anticipate the needs of our clients and the needs of our team as the general contractor. We tackle challenges long before they become problems and come up with solutions to keep everyone on the same page, on schedule, and on budget.

Gc Services Include:

  • Project management and supervision
  • Subcontractor administration
  • Cost control
  • Permit obtaining and expediting
  • Quality management
  • Sequencing and coordination


Specialty Construction

When it comes to specialty work, such as flooring, cabinetry or a miscellaneous installation, Mar Con Builders team of dedicated woodworkers and installers makes sure every client receives services and treatment that are specifically tailored to their needs. Let us assist you with your next building or renovation project.

Gc Services Include:

  • Concrete and Cementitious Toppings
  • Cabinetry / Millwork
  • Toilet Partitions and Accessories
  • Interior Wood Trim
  • Commercial Door and Hardware Division
  • Tackable Wall/Board Installation
  • Miscellaneous Installations
  • Commercial Flooring
  • Resilient Sheet Flooring
  • Carpet
  • Engineered Hardwood
  • Hardware Installation
  • Vapor Emissions Treatment



Decisions made during Design-Build always have the biggest impact on a project’s overall success.

We work closely with clients to determine the scope of a project, construction methods, and the target budget. Project planning based on early estimates and schedules helps control the costs as well as deliver the project within budget and on time.

Our input is valuable information for our clients, allowing them to make the best business decisions. Not only does our participation save hard costs, but has been known to reduce design fees associated with unnecessary changes later on in the project.

We analyze options and alternatives, and develop realistic pricing that will remain fixed along the road. Our specialized knowledge enables us to shorten project duration, identify and resolve problems prior to become problems, and transition into a smooth construction process.